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Miter Saw Station

DCP_0030.JPG (678916 bytes) As it is with any commercial plans, I made my own modifications.  Update:  After using the cabinet for a while the only thing I would change from the way I built it is to install drawers in the cabinet instead of the doors and shelves. 
DCP_0076.JPG (630432 bytes)The plans showed installing a backer board to the fence, thereby allowing for a stop system near the blade.  A bad side effect of that is width of things you can crosscut has been reduced by 3/4".  I devised a different system.  I have a longer stop block that reaches from the wings over the miter saw base for short cuts.  I also installed wider fences than the plans showed.  Also, I installed a fence the full length of the wings.  

DCP_0075.JPG (701653 bytes)The plans called for shop vacuum in the cabinet.  I just hooked it up to the dust collector.  I have since devised a hood for it (actually Wood magazine designed it).  It slides along the back of the cart on two electrical conduit pipes and I move it to capture the dust when I do miter cuts   The little hole on the saw just did not get all the dust.  I have found out though that the port on the saw got most of the dust.  Now it just shoots it into the hood and gets sucked right up.

DCP_0798.jpg (541735 bytes)I took the moveable hood off the miter saw and made a hood that curves around the back of the miter saw. I hope this catches more of the sawdust coming off the saw.