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DCP_0951.jpg (588623 bytes)I made a extension table for my Grizzly G1023 tablesaw out on some poplar boards and plywood covered with laminate.Construction photos here.
DCP_0967.jpg (559557 bytes)I built this cabinet under the extension table of my tablesaw to hold the miter gauges, blades, throat inserts, and push sticks. All that only took three of the seven drawers. I suppose stuff will find it's way into the other drawers. Construction photos here.
DCP_0878.jpg (521496 bytes)DCP_0879.jpg (596153 bytes)Here is another workbench for the shop. There are six drawers and four sliding shelves to store the scroll saw, mortiser, spindle sander and benchtop planer.

Construction photos here.

DCP_0764.jpg (593698 bytes)DCP_0766.jpg (555089 bytes)I need something to store my plywood and solid wood off-cuts in, so I built this storage cabinet. It measures 8 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  I have different compartments in it for various sizes of plywood.
DCP_0069.JPG (67580 bytes)This is a tool cabinet I made for my Dad's birthday.  It is 67 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 20 inches deep.  It has 16 full extension drawers in it and rides on 4" casters that lock in all directions.  

Construction photos here.

I built this cabinet under the radial arm saw to give me more storage space in the shop, and to put some wheels on the saw.  You can see the blade storage area on the left of the cabinet.  There are full extension slides on all the drawers.

DCP_0891.jpg (606331 bytes)My workbench.  It was inspired from a design in American Woodworker.  There are 16 drawers on one side with full extension slides and a series of DCP_0882.jpg (592374 bytes) shelves on the opposite side.  I have a vise on one end and a row of bench dog holes down the top from that.  To make electric always accessible I installed outlets around the bench.  With nothing in the bench, I can barely lift one side, so I am going to really appreciate the casters when I need to move it.  Construction photos here.

I built this cart from the plans for Norm Abram's shop cart in American Woodworker Magazine.



The stand I built for my miter saw from the plans in Popular Woodworking magazine issue #116.  For a description of the project, go here.

DCP_0760.jpg (598120 bytes)This dust collection gate design was inspired by Jim Halbert's design.  He used electric solenoids to open the gates, but I wanted to have some extra power to open the gates and so a pneumatic system was the way I went.  More expensive, but it allows me more flexibility in part selection to get powerful enough cylinders to open the gates. Construction photos here.

Get the plans here. (low bandwidth)

Get the plans here. (high bandwidth)

left_wood_shelf.jpg (98944 bytes)TDCP_0796.jpg (708528 bytes)his wood storage shelf was a requirement if I wanted to acquire anymore wood or have a variety of wood.  The vertical members are two 2x4s with dadoes for the horizontal members to fit in.  It had to be self standing and this is even more stable than I thought it would be.  I used it in the storage shed in the backyard when I was in Oklahoma City.  Now I have it in the main shop..